Casa-i - For Prefabricated Houses in Puerto Rico

Climate resilient. Well-designed. Mo​dular pr​efab.

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a small house in a beautiful garden


​Bedrooms ​Studio—2

​Bathrooms ​​​​​​1

​SQ. FT.  ​315 – 480

a tiny prefabricated house


Bedrooms ​​​​​Studio

Bathrooms ​​​​​​1

​SQ. FT.  216​ ​​

a table and two chairs i fron to a small house

NIDU Squared

​Bedrooms 2-3 

​Bathrooms ​​​​​1-2

​SQ. FT.  ​980 – 1010

two joint houses with beautiful garden

NIDU Patio

Bedrooms 2-3 

​Bathrooms ​1-2

​SQ. FT. ​​780



​Bedrooms 2-3 

​Bathrooms ​1-2

​SQ. FT. 960 – 1,248



Bedrooms Studio

​Bathrooms ​​​​​​1

​SQ. FT. ​​​216 – 480

two reading Chairs ahead of a small house


Bedrooms ​ ​​​​​1 sleeping loft

​​Bathrooms ​​​​​1

​​SQ. FT. ​​384  

two reading chairs on the patio ahead of two-floor house


​Bedrooms ​​​2-3 

​Bathrooms ​​​​1-2

​SQ. FT. ​​​630 – 790

a small home in a triangle shape along with some tables, chairs, and flowerpots.


​Bedrooms ​​2-3 

​Bathrooms 1-2

​SQ. FT. ​960 – 1,248

a two-floor house with two reading chairs on the patio.


Bedrooms ​​​2-3 

Bathrooms ​​​1-2

SQ. FT. ​​630-790

Process to Receive a CASA-i

CASA-i Features 

Designed to thrive in adverse circumstances with energy generation, water production, resilient materials and in its very structure.

Off-Grid Capable 

 Scale-up to solar at your pace. Solar-ready for either ‘grid-tied’ or ‘off-grid’ systems. With a small generator and battery pack, you will be self-sufficient—no more blackouts!

Water Supply

 Homes equipped with cisterns for rain and grid water collection, for water supply through service disruptions or to run off=grid. Modules come grey-water ready so that when you want the system, there is no need to demolish walls. Read more.


A thermally insulating structural shell that is lighter than poured concrete, yet hurricane and seismic resistant. Using thermally protected glazing in exterior openings, makes this home cooler and significantly lowers energy consumption while increasing maintenance efficiency. 


We believe that living in a CASA-i house gives you the possibility of living more independently, in tune with the environment, and with your sense of freedom. 

Economically Balanced 

We understand that the total cost of a house includes initial building costs, as well as the long-term costs of operation and maintenance fees. The CASA-i team has made a great effort to ensure our clients the best products for their money. Like a hybrid or electric car, the overall savings should be considered as part of the equation.

Looking to the Future

Allows for minimal construction waste, maximizes resource consciousness, and is designed to let nature in. Natural light and ventilation are always present. We use No-VOC paints, make sure our indoor materials have minimal off-gassing. Adding dehumidifying AC units will control indoor mold, ensuring better indoor, air quality. 


Modules are equipped with an intelligent and scalable home system, so you can easily command your home's security, energy management, sound control, air quality, and many other aspects. 

Optimized Systems and Equipment 

A 21st century home needs to bring together the best experts in their fields to make the most efficient product possible. 


The lightweight structure of these homes makes them transportable and quickly installed onsite. This insures improved quality control and reduces change orders to almost zero. This also means there is  minimal onsite construction, allowing us to reduce onsite time and material waste. 

Modular and Expandable

The main modules are part of a greater system of components that allows for expansion and transformation at any time.